Constant Pressure Fire-Fighting Pump

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    Constant-pressure fire-fighting pump comes as a new product developed in this Co. upon the market demand and the performance and technical condition of it conforms the requirements in the latest issued standard GB6245 .


    The pump holds such notable features as a very flat flowhead curve (very small variations with the head within the full flow range, especially at a small flow there is no over pressure); completely in line with the characteristics of use at the firefighting site; settling the problem of a big pressure fluctuation when the flow varies during fire-fighting water supply. The pump is so structured as using a shaft extended motor, resulting in the enhancement of the pump unit's reliability, a stable running and a low noise; using a semi-opened impeller without an oral ring, eliminating rusted or corroded jamming; the impeller is made of copper, aluminum alloy or stainless steel and the shaft is made of stainless steel; the pump unit is equipped with a mechanical seal.


    Fire-fighting system
    Municipal engineering


    Q :10-70L/S
    H :3-22 bar
    T :≤80℃

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